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School Council


The School Council meet at least once every half term to discuss and organise a wide variety of the school’s activities. Members of the School Council reports feedback to The School Governors.  


There are 12 pupils members - Chair person, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Welsh / English Secretaries and Class Representatives.


Mrs Salisbury and Mrs Evans are the School Council’s Staff Representatives.



Digital Wizards

The digital wizards meet once a month to discuss various ICT and E-safety issues. 

During this term we have created e-safety and looking after computer and iPad posters, discussed the new digital competency frame work and discussed and monitored ICT within the school as well as with a member of the School Governing Bodies.  Members of the Digital Wizards taught members of staff how to create QR codes using the learning platform Hwb+.



Eco School Council


We are an Eco School who has won the Platinum Award.  The Eco Council, Year 6 meet once a term to arrange various activities throughout the year.  They arrange gardening activities, complete composting and recycling duties and complete an environmental project annually.



Fair trade committee

The Fair Trade committee and the remainder of Year 5 meet once a month to discuss and organize Fair Trade events and activities within the school in order to highlight the importance and effects of Fair Trade.


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